Monday, January 31, 2011


I apologize for the lack of posts, readers.

Recently, a beloved family member passed away suddenly. The past week has been a blur and for the first time, I'm sitting down and several thoughts, most that stem from the crunchy mindframe seem to be flowing. I usually post regarding the physical levels of crunchy, but there is an emotional and mental component to being crunchy as well. Fulfillment, a sense of peace, calmness, ambition, happiness. I just thought I'd share some of my ruminations:

The realization any moment can be your last has cemented my gentle parenting ways despite it being called into question for almost seven days straight. I've come to realize that when close friends or family offer advice that goes against my parenting style, I don't need to take offense. They see me tired and just want to help. They're doing it out of love. But I just continue to show them my way works, for me and for my baby. On that front, I strongly urge all my readers to practice gentle parenting as well. Would you want your child's last memory of you to be a spanking, or letting them cry it out? An angry scolding? Don't do it, just don't. Life can be tiring and frustrating but just always have a smile ready for your child. When you leave the house, always kiss them goodbye and tell them you love them. Or, better yet, bring the child with you.

While part of being a grown up is going to work so your family can have insurance and a home, I think another part of growing is eventually finding work you can stand behind, that stands behind your family. Owning a diner can be as fulfilling as any other job if it means being with your family more, having a safe place for your son to hang out at after school so he still gets quality parent time. It may even help build your child's future career aspirations as a chef. ;)

As stressful and as annoying as family get-togethers can get, do them anyway. Do them and take lots of pictures. You'll be thankful you did. You never know when someone will pass away and you'll cherish every last moment you spent with them.

Breathe, live in the moment more. Enjoy what you're doing. Be good at the little things. There is honor and beauty in it. Eventually, you'll be good at the big things too.

De-clutter. No one needs that much stuff, it just continues to stress you out even if you don't realize it. The Japanese understand the beauty of empty space best. I aim to follow their footsteps.

I believe there is an optimal amount of space people need. Don't buy a house bigger than you need. Don't live somewhere smaller than you need. Find out what's right, what's comfortable for your family and stay with it. Don't upgrade because that's what's expected of you.
De-stress. Eat well, live well, exercise. Smile more. Don't be afraid to take chances. I honestly believe people are so much more capable of living out their dreams than they think. Find fulfillment.

Don't eat to live, live to eat. Enjoy your food. Buy organic. Cook up a storm. Every meal should release some anxiety, warm you up inside. Don't treat food as a minor concern; make meals to really enjoy as a family. Some of my favorite memories as a child are sitting with my family, laughing at the dinner table. Make some new memories with your families.

I hope this new year brings peace and fulfillment to all my loved ones and my readers.

Until next time,
Mama A

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