Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Which snack / protein bars are best?

So on the days I'm running out of the house and can't fit in my usual breakfast of an egg on toast, I keep a stash of snack bars in my bag. I've cycled through so many different types and have come to the conclusion that the winner is *drumroll*:

This was based on my nonscientific opinion of taste and ingredients. I'm sure by now you guys know my feelings on unfermented soy and the majority of snack bars that fall under the healthy umbrella contain soy - but Larabar does not! The ingredients are kept simple and I can pronounce all of them. This morning, I had the cherry pie flavor and the only three ingredients were dates, almonds and unsweetened cherries (although I found it slightly too sweet but that was the natural cherry flavor as opposed to unnecessary sweeteners). It contains half a serving of fruit, 3g of protein and a cool 220 calories - the equivalent to one egg on one whole wheat buttered toast. There are a variety of flavors and certain bars have up to 7g of protein so you can choose based on what you're looking for in a breakfast.

Other brands I tested out (occasionally with a bite and sometimes just a glance before I was done with them) were Clif Bars/ Clif Builders/ Clif Mojo (all contain soy), Luna Bars (soy), Myoplex (soy and modified oils), Zone (soy and corn syrup), and PowerBar (high fructose corn syrup *gasp* and maltodextrin).

The healthiest bar is the one you make at home where you can control the ingredients and experiment with flavors that play to your palette. It's also the freshest and contains no preservatives. But since I have yet to find the time to make my own snack bars (or you know, to breathe), LÄRABAR works well as a substitute. I highly recommend the pecan pie - can you believe it only contains dates, almond and pecans?? Absolutely love the simplicity of this product!

Despite LÄRABAR being wonderful, I have to say, I still missed my egg on toast this morning. I'm of the camp that an egg is a perfect food and there is no better way to start the day. More on that eventually.

Buen Provencho,
Mama A

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