Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tell Walmart: Get Rid of Toxic BPA

Another petition from FRESH, the movie that I wanted to share with you folks!

FRESH the movie

Tell Walmart: Get Rid of Toxic BPA

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a toxic chemical that’s making us sick. It leaches into us from plastics, paper coatings and canned foods. 90% of us carry measurable amounts of BPA in our bodies. 90% of us—that means it’s everywhere, practically unavoidable. For more information on the harmful effects of BPA, check out our blog post.

Canada and the E.U. have already banned the chemical for use in baby bottles. But our government won’t protect us, so let’s change the industry, starting with Walmart. If Walmart commits to eliminating BPA, the whole industry will be forced to change.

A recent report1 gave Walmart an F rating for their lack of efforts to phase out BPA packaging. Yet Walmart has pledged to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship.

Let’s tell Walmart to stop the corporate greenwashing—it’s time to get serious about removing BPA from their products. We'll deliver your comments to Andrea Thomas, Walmart's Senior Vice President of Sustainability.


Sign here to tell Walmart: We Want BPA-Free Products Now.

Dear Andrea Thomas, Walmart Senior Vice President of Sustainability:

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a toxic chemical with proven links to health damage. It’s present in plastics, receipt coatings and food packaging, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid, unless retailers stop carrying products with BPA.

In 2008, Walmart showed incredible leadership by banning the sale of reusable plastic bottles that contain BPA. Now, Walmart is sitting idly as other companies take charge in eliminating BPA from food packaging.

Walmart, please protect the health of your customers from a known toxic chemical: commit to removing BPA from your products. Phase out BPA in Walmart’s private-label canned goods, and ask your suppliers to do the same by changing product specifications to be BPA-free. Use BPA-free paper for receipts. Fund research for the testing and development of safe alternatives.

Your policies set industry standards and influence decisions beyond your stores. Show us that you are truly dedicated to more sustainable practices—get rid of BPA-laden products now.

The FRESH Community

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