Monday, February 7, 2011

Recipe Box: Detox Salad + Protein Plus Mix

Morning readers!

I've instituted a no coffee, no milk challenge for myself this week in an effort to detox. In place of my usual cup of coffee, I'm drinking herbal ginger tea. I'm not one of those people that can live on drinking lemon water and pepper all day (gag), so I wanted to share a salad with you folks that caught my eye. It's fairly hearty but I've also added a part two to the meal for some protein because I don't find that salad to be a complete meal. All of the ingredients are minimally processed or raw. Music to my ears!

Part One

  • Half a head of red cabbage , chopped
  • 3 carrots , shredded
  • 1 red apple, chopped
  • Dash of ground ginger
  • Local honey
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Olive oil
It’s best to just eyeball the amount of olive oil and honey. Just make enough to lightly coat the salad. Store in an airtight container so there is minimum wilting action.

Adapted from Dagmar's detox salad

Part Two

Protein Plus Mix:
·        One avocado, diced
·        One can of black eye peas, drained and rinsed
·        Half a lemon
·        Pinch of salt (It’s heightens the avocado)

Note: Dried beans are even better but if you’re in a rush and use canned beans, please be sure to rinse them. The sodium content on canned beans is a little scary.
I’m big on taste and I stand behind these recipes. These foods really do speak to your tastebuds with the added benefit of being easy on the eyes.
A picture of the magic:

I will keep my readers abreast of how this detox challenges goes and if there are any positive or negatives effects from it.

Happy and healthy eating to all,
Mama A


  1. This looks so great and I think my little man will like it to :) I don't have black eyed peas on hand...I wonder if pinto or black or red or kidney will work with the avocado or if that will be too heavy?

  2. I think they all sound good, Amber! All are high quality sources of protein, low in fat and cholesterol. If you find a recipe you love, send it over and I can showcase it on my blog. I truly think avocado is a great addition to just about anything!