Monday, November 1, 2010

Buyer Beware

After the repeated recalls of spinach, lettuce and recently, baby formula, I decided to find out exactly what is an "acceptable level of defect" as determined by the FDA. This is determined by what level of insects, mites, beetles, etc. can be allowed into a product before it poses a health hazard to the public.

Read after you've eaten otherwise you'll totally lose your appetite. Or maybe before you've eaten so you don't vomit? I found this to be nauseating but those with stronger stomachs have simply laughed this off as extra protein in their diet.

Here's some examples:


Insects and mites
(AOAC 974.33)
Average of 50 or more aphids, thrips and/or mites per 100 grams
2 or more 3 mm or longer larvae and/or larval fragments or spinach worms (caterpillars) whose aggregate length exceeds 12 mm are present in 24 pounds
Leaf miners of any size average 8 or more per 100 grams or leaf miners 3 mm or longer average 4 or more per 100 grams

The Food Defect Action Levels

So readers, after clicking on that link, when are we moving to Europe?

Mama A

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